Zombie Night 7 - October 23rd-24th, 2015

Have you ever seen a ghost? Heard whispers when no one was there? Congratulations, you have a psychic connection with dead and you just may be raising zombies without knowing it. Have you had an emotional day and later heard ‘bumps in the night’? That was your zombie, he’s coming for you. Oh, the police watch for them, why do think they call it the GRAVE YARD Shift? There’s even a special squad that will dispatch the zombie before it gets to you – if they aren’t too busy elsewhere, of course. Like they would be if a madman tried to overrun the city with his zombies. His zombies are hungry, too. The worse they look, the hungrier they are. Did you hear that? Better not go out there, it may be one of his zombies - coming for YOU!


ZN7 Promotional Pricing

We are happy to announce new promotional pricing for this year's Zombie Night event. The details are as follows:

Single run through the Zombie Zone- $10.00
Single run through the Zombie Zone and special Zombie Dinner- $15.00
Single run through the Zombie Zone, special Zombie Dinner and a special Zombie Night event shirt- $30.00
(up-charges may apply depending on size and sleeve length)

Also, 1776 Deli and Eatery is serving a special dinner! Just the dinner will be $8.25.


What to Expect

  • Range USA employees will be outfitted as RUZAT (Range USA Zombie Annihilation Team) members.
  • Some customers may be outfitted as zombie-killing warriors, too.
  • This is NOT a haunted house or scary event! Nothing is going to jump out and scare you, nor is the event overly gory.
  • It is appropriate for any age that would be able to shoot firearms – even with adult supervision. For example, last year we had many parent/child teams go through the Zombie Zone!
  • You will be escorted through the Zombie Zone by Range USA instructors. This is a very controlled environment with a 1:1 instructor/customer ratio. The instructor is standing directly behind you at all times.
  • You will NOT be moving and shooting, and you will NOT be drawing from a holster.
  • This will be a very safe event. Nothing will be compromised for safety!
  • All firearm usage and ammunition is included in the price of a ticket. (There may also be an added treat once you complete your Zombie Zone run-through!)

Rules and Guidelines

  • You may use your own firearms. If you want to use your own firearm, follow these rules while waiting your turn:
  • Handguns – (if you are licensed to carry a firearm) must be LOADED & HOLSTERED at all times. Range bags or gun cases are not allowed.
  • Shotguns & .223 Rifles – must be UNLOADED with a chamber flag or zip-tie in place. You must bring your own chamber flag or zip tie – we will NOT provide them for you to use!
  • Full-Autos – must be UNLOADED with a chamber flag or zip -tie in place. You must bring
    your own chamber flag or zip tie – we will NOT provide them for you to use!
  • All caliber restrictions posted for Range USA are still in effect for Zombie Night! If you have any question about your caliber – ASK!!
  • NO EDGED WEAPONS ALLOWED! We know that swords, axes, machetes, etc. make great zombie-killing tools, but for this event, please leave them at home.
  • Bring your friends, family, and loved ones! You need to stick together in the event of a zombie attack!