Epsiode 1

- September 1

Episode 1


Being jolted awake by a ringing phone at 2 am is never a good thing. In my case, it usually means there’s been a zombie attack somewhere in the city. I’m Dallis Kincaid, zombie hunter. Although most people wouldn’t know it, the Memphis Police Department has three zombie hunters - Nick Matthews, Will Hamilton and me, the only female hunter in the state. Our job is to destroy the zombies and make sure there’s no evidence left behind. This is my week to be on call. One or two calls a week is normal, I had three calls last night.


I was already out of bed when I answered the phone on the third ring. ‘ Kincaid’


The caller said ‘Park and White Station’ then hung up.


My clothes, sword and gun were next to the bed. A long, black coat to hide the weapons I was wearing and I was out the door within two minutes of the call. Ten minutes later, I’d arrived at the scene. I looked for the squad car that had called in the sighting but didn’t see one anywhere. That’s unusual. They always wait, both to contain the zombie and to let me know where it’s lurking. I’d just have to find this one on my own. I took a deep breath to clear my mind and ‘felt’ for the zombie. You see, that’s why I’m on the zombie squad, I have an edge. I can raise zombies and I can feel them when they’re near. I found the zombie huddled inside a car wash, munching on what appeared to be a squirrel.


The only way to neutralize a zombie is to separate the head from the body. A zombie will try to eat any living thing in his path so the trick is to cut off the head before he bites. They are relentless and can move faster than you’d expect. I pulled my sword as I walked in to the car wash. ‘This should be an easy one’ I thought as I eased forward. I was so focused on the zombie in front of me, I almost missed the one in the shadows behind me. I spun around just as he tried to grab my shoulder, mouth open, ready to take the first bite. The zombie’s vise-like fingers dug into my right shoulder. I shifted the sword to my left hand, dropped and drove my sword upward, through his jaw and into his skull as hard as I could. He fell, taking my sword out of reach. Now the first zombie was almost on top of me so I pulled my gun from the holster and fired, knocking him back and giving me the seconds I needed to retrieve my sword from the other’s skull. Sword in hand, I caught a glimpse of the zombie trying to rush me from behind. I turned, swinging my sword as hard as I could, catching him in the neck and neatly severing the head. The second zombie was trying to get up again. Even though I’d already taken out his jaw, he’d still try to bite me and if he managed to break my skin with his remaining teeth, the infection could be fatal. My sword connected just below his missing jaw.


I sat outside on the pavement and leaned against the wall of the car wash, taking a moment to catch my breath before calling the clean-up crew. My next call was to Captain Joe McDermott, my boss.

‘Boss, I think we have a problem. There were two zombies, no squad car in sight when I got here. Do we know who called in for this one?’


‘Two? Together?’ Captain McDermott was a man of few words but the surprise in his voice was evident.

‘Yes, sir. Two, together’


‘Meeting, my office, 3PM’. The line went dead. He’d said all he needed to say for now.