Episode 2

- September 7

Episode 2


After dealing with the two zombies, I drove around the area for a while in case there might be another zombie roaming around. I slowly made my way to the closest cemetery. I was about a block from there when I felt more than saw another zombie. I circled the block and parked behind an office building so I could quietly approach the zombie without being seen. Staying in the shadows, I concentrated on feeling for the zombie. I didn’t need to, though. He was standing under one of the street lights, almost like he was waiting for me. As I approached, he turned and started moving into the shadows. I pulled my sword as I followed him deeper into shadow. Was I being lured into a trap? It definitely felt like it. If I hadn’t been following a zombie, I would have called for backup. Zombies aren’t known for being able to think and luring me into a trap would have required some pre-planning so I dismissed it even though my gut told me there was something wrong. He was waiting for me under the deep shade of a large tree, just standing there, staring at me. I looked around and didn’t see anything else that shouldn’t be there so I walked up to him and with one cut, separated his head from his body. Too easy, he didn’t even try to attack me. Zombies who aren’t being controlled do one thing, they try to eat any living thing in their path. This zombie was being controlled but by whom?


I called my clean-up crew to give them the location and sat down next to the tree to wait for them. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. I was looking around the area, straining to see into every shadow, when I saw a figure across the street, not quite deep enough into the shadows to blend in. Whoever it was seemed to be staring directly at me. I could almost feel the intensity of the eyes penetrating the darkness around me. Had this person seen my zombie kill or could this be the one who was controlling the zombie? After almost a full minute of staring in my direction, the figure moved out of the shadows and turned to leave. As he walked away, the way he moved and his general build told me this was most likely a man. I was still pondering who he could be, what had he seen and why was he there when the clean-up crew arrived.


‘You’re keeping us busy tonight, Dallis.’ Bill Dawson said as he led his crew my way.


‘Yeah, I noticed. Have you seen anything strange, Bill? Not just tonight but in the past month maybe.’

‘Seems like there’s been a lot more activity in general for the past few weeks. Nick had more than usual last week, too. Had three several nights but none together like you had tonight. You think something’s going on?’


‘Probably not. Probably just emotions running high in the city this month. There have been several shootings that made national news lately, probably got folks on edge’ I lied. No point in sharing my concerns until I know more but, after tonight, I was beginning to think there was definitely a lot more going on. I left Bill and his crew to clean up and walked to where I had seen the man, looking for any clue he might have left behind. After 10 minutes of searching without results, I walked back to my car to head home for some much needed sleep.


I took a long, hot shower before going back to bed to try for a few hours of sleep before my meeting with the captain. The hot water helped to ease some of the tension in my body but nothing could ease the tension in my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about the man I’d seen.