Episode 5

- September 24

Episode 5


I followed the zombie through the cemetery, doing my best to remain hidden in case someone else was watching. He walked toward the funeral home in the center, where Nick and I had planned to meet. As I crept closer, I could see another zombie just north of the funeral home. It was in an area totally hidden from the street view so no one would see the zombie even though it was standing in an open area and bathed in moonlight. That is, no one who wasn’t already in the cemetery would see it. It was just standing there as if waiting for someone – or perhaps waiting for instructions. The zombie I’d been following joined it and I could see two more coming from the south. Those would be the two Nick was following so I watched for movement in the shadows. When I spotted movement about 30 yards behind the zombies, I started gradually moving in that direction to meet up with Nick.


‘Hey, Kincaid. What do you make of this? Four zombies having a meeting. Does this mean what I’m afraid it means?’


‘If you’re afraid it means someone is intentionally raising zombies and tonight’s zombies are about to have a meeting with their maker then, yes, I think it means exactly that. As close as they are to the building, if he stays in the shadows next to it, we won’t even be able to see him. We need to get closer.’


‘Yeah, we do.  I wish one of us could circle to the other side but looks like it’s too late for that. Let’s see if we can get closer and get a look at this guy. Maybe even get a clear shot.’


‘Let’s hope so, Matthews, but try to take him down without killing him, okay? I think the captain might appreciate being able to question him, find out why he’s doing this.’

We moved as quickly as we could, keeping to the shadows, straining to catch a glimpse of the person who was raising the zombies as we made our way north. After a couple of minutes, we’d reached a good vantage point but there was still no sign of him.


‘Do you see him, Matthews? The zombies are just standing there, waiting, like my number 3 last night. He has to be close. I can’t see him but he has to be there.’


‘I don’t see him, either but, yeah, he’s gotta be close.’


‘Officer Kincaid, you made it to our little party I see. I was hoping you’d join us tonight. I was afraid my invitation was too subtle for you to find us without another phone call giving you the location.’ In the dark stillness of the cemetery, the voice seemed to be suddenly booming all around us.  ‘You brought a friend, I see. Is that Officer Matthews with you?’


While I moved closer to try to find him, Nick answered him. ‘What do want? Why have you been raising zombies?’


‘Ah, yes, Officer Matthews, that is you.  How delightful. Having you both here is really more than I had hoped. Let’s just say I have several reasons for raising the zombies, money not being the least of those. I won’t be sharing my other reasons with you tonight. I will, however, tell you what I want. Come as close as you like, Officer Kincaid, you won’t see me. As for what I want…..tonight, I want you both to die. The two of you are the last big obstacles in my way.  KILL THEM!’


Two more zombies we hadn’t seen before came out of the shadows. Now there were six of them, all coming for Nick and me.