Episode 6

- September 29

Episode 6


Once they had their orders, the zombies moved fast. I was about 30 feet closer to them but Nick was already running to catch up, drawing his sword as he ran. I drew my own sword and prepared to take the first one down. I took a deep breath, cleared my mind and focused on my target. This is one of those times when my years of martial arts training comes in handy. Just then, Nick rushed past me, straight into the zombies, screaming his battle cry and swinging his sword wildly, hoping to hit anything in his path. I had a moment to wonder how he’d ever made it this far with that technique before two of the zombies were on me.  I swung for the neck of one, hoping for a quick kill. The second one rushed forward, blocking my swing in the process. I shifted my weight and let his momentum spin me around. As he stumbled forward, expecting resistance and getting none, I continued the spin and my sword connected with its target from the other side.  The second zombie was up before the first one’s head hit the ground. I didn’t have a good angle but I did still have some momentum so I shifted my weight again and kicked the zombie squarely in the chest. He stumbled backward, falling on top of Nick and the other zombies, which were now wrestling on the ground. They were all trying to get a bite of him but he was punching and kicking as hard as he could, keeping them all from being able to lock on to him. His sword was a few feet away, having apparently been dropped when they all fell on him at once.  One of the zombies looked up when the other fell on top of them, giving me a brief opening to strike without getting too close to Nick. With two down and four to go, our odds were getting better.  The zombies struggling with Nick paused and looked up at me as if they had only just realized I was a very real threat. That pause gave Nick just the break he needed to throw off two of the zombies and pick up his sword again while I kicked a third one off him. Now we were both up but still facing four zombies.


‘Are you okay?’ I yelled as I faced off with the two zombies closest to me. I caught a glimpse of him but didn’t dare take my eyes off the threat in front of me. I quickly side-stepped and ducked around the closest zombie as he rushed toward me. I brought my sword up to take the head of the one behind him. It was a clean hit, one more zombie was down but I still had another one coming at me.  Knowing he would be right behind me, I kicked back as hard as I could and felt it connect.  There was a dull thud and loud groan as he hit the ground. ‘Nick? Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I thought you were a zombie!’


I helped him sit up while he tried to catch his breath. ‘After that kick, I might be the next one. Ouch, that hurt! I got that last one for you. Didn’t know you were gonna do that. Help me get up. I’m sure he’s long gone but let’s go see if your mystery man left any clues.’


We’d only gone a few feet when I felt the energy change around us. I stopped and grabbed Nick by the arm. ‘We need to get out of the cemetery. NOW. Don’t run, just walk as fast as you can back to where we came in but try to be really quiet. You don’t want them to notice you.’


‘What’s wrong, Kincaid? Do you see more zombies? More than we can handle?’


‘No, this is worse. Ghouls. ‘